New Inquiry Against Strauss-Kahn Includes Allegations of Prostitution Ring

21/05/2012 08:10:00

French prosecutors have widened an investigation into former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's alleged participation in a prostitution ring.Authorities said Monday that Lille police

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Suicide Bomber Kills More than 100 Yemeni Troops

21/05/2012 08:07:00

Sanaa, Yemen -- A suicide bomber dressed in a military uniform set off a blast that killed more than 100 soldiers Monday, authorities said, in

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3 Daring Climbers Die on Mt. Everest

21/05/2012 08:04:00

Kathmandu, Nepal -- Three people died while coming down the southern slope of the mountain during the weekend after reaching Mt. Everest's 8848-meter (29,028 foot)

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Only Suspect in Lockerbie Bombing Dies From Cancer

21/05/2012 08:00:00

Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the only person convicted in connection with the Lockerbie airline bombing that killed 270 people, died Sunday, the Libyan government

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200-Year-Old Shipwreck Discovered in Gulf

17/05/2012 07:25:00

A wooden ship believed to be over 200 years old was discovered during a recent exploration of the northern Gulf of Mexico, according to a

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New French Prime Minister's Name Causes Arab Giggles

17/05/2012 07:23:00

Abu Dhabi, UAE -- France's new Socialist government is already causing ripples throughout a Europe struggling to balance government budgets without making ordinary people's lives

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Confidential Report Finds Iran Peddling Arms to Syria

17/05/2012 07:22:00

A confidential U.N. report revealed Iran is exporting arms to the Syrian government in violation of a ban on weapons sales, the same day President

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Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Returns Home

27/04/2012 09:27:00

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned home early Thursday after receiving cancer treatments in Cuba.Before landing, Chavez released a statement about coming back to his homeland."Already

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Chernobyl's Children: 26 Years After Radiation

27/04/2012 09:23:00

Twenty-six years ago this week, a botched reactor safety test in a corner of what was then the Soviet Union set off the worst nuclear

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Parenting Comes Natural to Prince William

27/04/2012 09:21:00

While honoring a group of servicemen last night, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met a very special little guest.Looking at ease, Prince William gazed

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