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Fast and Furious: No Criminal Prosecution of Holder for Contempt

02/07/2012 08:49:00

Washington -- The White House and the Justice Department made clear Friday what had been expected all along: Attorney General Eric Holder will not face

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GOP Seizes on Tax Message

02/07/2012 08:47:00

Washington -- As House Speaker John Boehner sat with the top House GOP leaders and aides in his office Thursday morning watching TV news reports

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Court Ruling Pumps Up Tea Party Movement

02/07/2012 08:43:00

Before the ink completely dried on the Supreme Court's landmark decision on the nation's health care law, pundits summed up its political impact: It handed

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How Health Care Ruling Will Affect You

02/07/2012 08:41:00

The Supreme Court's decision Thursday to uphold the Affordable Care Act means that the predictions about how it will affect Americans remain in place.The court

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Emotions High After Obamacare Aprroval

02/07/2012 08:39:00

Washington -- The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling upholding the health care law championed by President Barack Obama reignited an intense debate, with Democrats celebrating millions

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Model Shows Perfect Storm for Obama

02/07/2012 08:37:00

Washington -- President Barack Obama is running against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, but the economy may truly be his greatest opponent."It's not the only

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National Rifle Association Sends Democrats a Message Over Holder Vote

02/07/2012 08:35:00

Washington -- When the National Rifle Association decided to keep track of those House members on both sides of the aisle who voted to hold

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Republicans Launch Blitz Against Health Care

02/07/2012 08:32:00

Washington -- Republicans launched a blistering attack Friday on the health care reform law upheld by the Supreme Court, seeking to rally their base's opposition

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Boy, 9, Shows Off Crazy Ping-Pong Shots

02/07/2012 08:25:00

A 9-year-old ping-pong wizard shows off some amazing trick shots.

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Billy The Kid's Headstone Vandalized

02/07/2012 08:17:00

FORT SUMNER, N.M. –  The tombstone of Old West legend Billy the Kid was vandalized in New Mexico.Authorities in new Mexico's De Baca County said

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