Celebrity Portraits Made of Food

20/06/2012 08:20:00

Society's obsession with celebrity has officially hit full tilt, and with it, so have the minds of artists worldwide. We keep noticing more portraits of

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Overuse of Antibiotics in Food Animals

20/06/2012 08:16:00

Antibiotics use is widespread in the production of livestock, helping to create "superbugs," and aggravating the public health problem of antibiotic resistance. To address these

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Burger King: Mini Bio

20/06/2012 08:15:00

-- _1954 – David Edgerton opens Insta Burger King in Miami, selling 18-cent fire-grilled hamburgers and 18-cent milkshakes. Three months later, Jim McLamore matches Edgerton's

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The 'Healthiest Meal Ever'

20/06/2012 08:14:00

Put away the broccoli, tuck that quinoa in the pantry, and don't even look at those apples -- scientists have come up with the healthiest

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